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Aftermarket Steering Wheel - Anyone Fitted On To A Mk2?

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Just had a friend asking if he can fit an Isotto steering wheel into a MK2 GS300 - has anyone here done this already and if so can you please let me know what hub kit is required for proper fitment?

So far he's been told it may be the same as a Land Cruiser, a Celica, or a Supra, but they're not exactly sure!

Thanks in advance

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Sat and went through 20 pages of results over there last night mate, no joy, no-one seems to have done this believe it or not.

Lots of people asking but never get a response!

Faz is looking into it now so we'll see what happens, he's going to let me know if he can find anything that fits!

I can tell you that a newer GS or RX wheel from 2000 onwards fits the older models so that's food for thought :D

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Yeah definitely surprised me, even tried loads of the wheel manufacturers and they list fitment for the IS300 and nothing else!

We'll see how he gets on!

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