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Ls400 Wheels - Aftermarket

murphy jim

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My LS is a 1999 with the dynamic handling pack this lowered the suspension and puts on larger wheels/tyres 245/50 x 17. I have read ALL the post on this topic ..quite informative.

I have been planning a new set of wheels for the Lexy - several reasons:-

1. Tyres worn out

2. Only supplier for my current size is Pirelli at £200 each total £800

3. I'm on 245/50 x 17 factory sport pack fitted .. standard for Lexus is 225/50 x 16

4. This set means suspension bumpier, roadnoise greater.

5. Price for new smaller wheels & tyres is £600...therefore no brain required.

6. I also then get improved sound damping,wet grip and mpg.

Nevertheless, I must say it does hold the corners v well.

I ordered and had delivered a set from Rochford Wheels near Southend and prior had them chat with the manufacturer to ensure they would fit …Sadly despite assurances; they didn’t. So they’ve had to go back.

This forced me into just fitting 4 tyres ( 225/50 x 17 Extra Load ...£93 each ) on the original wheels cos I had a 300 mile trip to do.

So I am continuing to look now for 17" new wheels ... thing is:- what is my offet 45 or 50 ?

It was the size of the brake calipers that resulted inthe new wheels not fitting. So I'm a little nervous.

So I'm looking for a multi spoke style wheel ( 12 or so ) in silver.

Also conscious that some wheels stick put out from the tyre wall and so offer themselves, rather too easily, for kerbing/scuffing any suggestion what makes to avoid?

But need to guarantee the offset 50 or 45 ?

Any advice and or piccys gratefully rec'd.


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Yep! The 16" wheels are a problem on the LS400. There's only about 4~5mm clearance with the calipers.

You say the 16" are standard, but I'm wondering if Lexus designed them with 17" originally and then decided to put 16" on them. Every time I get the wheels balanced, I have to ask them to avoid the part of the rim where it's close to the calipers; at the corner of the caliper. I once swapped a wheel on the motorway and drove off hearing the weights go clunk clunk as they were knocked off by the calipers.

I'm thinking of buying 17" wheels to avoid the problem. I have to say the 16" with the Dunlop D8z tyres are super-quiet; they were designed for the car. But I suppose with the 17" I may still be able to buy D8zs too.

I'm wondering if Alcoa wheels WITH NO PAINT will preserve their appearance because of the corrosion problem. Perhaps you could tell me if the shape of the 17" wheels have the same problem. They seem to have a more concave surface and I was wondering if this meant less brake dust on the outer paintwork.

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