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Holidays And A Mangled Bambi

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drove over 1000 miles from cairnryan in Scotland to my sisters in Portsmouth last week. drove back yesterday and about 3 miles from cairnryan (the foresty bit after Castle Kennedy) a young deer decided to play tig with my 95 LS400. needless to say the deer lost but i now have no passenger headlight, indicator and the front bumper is completely cracked from top to bottom. I am not prepared to pay Lexus prices for these parts. does anyone know of any breakers that i could get these parts from. I would be prepared to pay for postage and packing to belfast.

Needless to say i am not pleased. really sorry about the deer. i did stop further up and walked back but when you hit something at 60mph in an LS400 it tends to come off second best.


big sinky

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mmm Fresh Venison!!

Call me a sicko :sick: if you like, but if you had the room in the boot and a bag to put Bambi in, perhaps you could've got enough back from a butchers to contribute to the damage. Ignoring any local bye-laws of course :whistling:

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nope still got the impreza. just finishing off a few more engine mods for this years drag racing season. scooby shootout in june and ten of the best end of august. gonna try and squeeze 800 ponies out with my new turbo charger but i think i might need a stronger gearbox.just have to see how the pennies go, hitting a deer doesnt help matters. how the hell and i gonna drive a car with a clutch after the lexus (which my mother calls "the mafia staff car").

tried ebay and low and behold an off side light and indicator assembly are for sale, less than lexus want for them anyways :-)



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