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Ports On The Back Of My Is200 Stereo

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Below is a picture of the back of my IS stereo, when i took it out of the car i had to disconnect 3 white blocks and the aerial.

I know that the two larger white blocks are for the speakers and power, however the smaller white block i have been told is for sat nav (it was a red and yellow cable that went into the block) can anyone confirm this??

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not seen a stereo like that before...but it will probably be something like

right to left.


aux supply?

power supply...12v, ground, ant, dimmer, speed control.

speakers out/amp supply signal

is this the standard Lexus stereo, i never see the stereo as mine had a different stereo when i got the car.

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Then it will be for sat nav as you can't have both apparently so that must be it.


can't have both what? Sat Nav and the Mini Disk changer??

If so they would they both be able to run from the same port? i hear the sat nav mutes the drivers speaker when the voice kicks in to give an intruction!? sure it would require more than one cable between it and the head unit to carry out the function.

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