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1997 Gs300 Mk1 Sport - Query On Spoiler

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Hi Folks,

Does anyone know whether the spoiler on the 1997 (P Reg) GS300 MK1 Sport has an integrated brake light?

I've flogged off my 2001 GS430 with sport styling kit (basically Gordon Brown has priced me out :( ) and I'm considering the MK1 GS300 sport as a possibility - smaller engine and better enconomy and no CO2 data available. Little touches like this make all the difference :)

Is it my imagination or is the s/h prices of larger engined cars plummeting these days? Larger engined 3 litre cars seem rather ubiquitious (and cheap) on the s/h market, while smaller models are fetching a premium. I guess this has always been the case to some extent but it does seem to me that the growing anti "SUV and large car" brigade are having a signifcant impact.

Many thanks,


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mine is in the window but i have seen some on the spoiler ,the sale brochure from when they was new had it in the window not the spoiler but it seems to be a grey area as to were it is .i think you are right in saying about the prices as a good sport with low miles will be around the 4k mark(quite a steal for a car that was 35k new)

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I have one of the last Mk.1's a basic Legato . I was told the supplying dealer had it retrimmed in leather and fitted ( butchered ) the boot spoiler. Mine has the brake light in the spoiler and one in the window that they should have disconnected.

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