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A Sad Time Is Coming

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Due to the purchase of a house it looks doubtful that i will be abel to keep my beloved is200 se

will be coming available around june when my insurance expires pm me for more info if anyone is interested.

hopefully i will be staying with toyotas as i have had no major troubles for the last 6 years of driving them.

possible downsizing to a supra :-)

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by down sizing, i mean buying something cheaper. i can get one for around 5k for an n/a. that will give me 2k ish to blow on the house.

runnning costs arent too much of an issue as i get mileage allownace to and from work, plus the 153bhp is starting to get boring. like i say its a bad time as i love it

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The NA supra is going to be quite old as they only made them up to 1993.

Also the NA is group 16 which is 3-4 groups higher than the IS and only 184 bhp.

The turbo version between 86-93 is only group 17 and has 234 bhp.

The turbo version between 93-96 is group 19 with 326 bhp. :o

MPG is not going to be much difference as the 93-96 turbo is qouted as 25 mpg.

Only problem with buying Supra's you will struggle to find one standard (if that doesnt bother you then it's not a problem :D ) but the engine may not be as reliable as they where standard.

If you do get i wish you all the best in finding a top notch one and look forward to seeing the pics as soon as you've got it :D

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Downsizing to a Supra? Good choice but don't you think the insurance costs, fuel costs and likely repair bills as the car's older will more than exceed the cost if you keep your IS?

If you do decide to change, good luck in finding one, they're great cars.


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I was thinkin about gettin a Supra a few months back but I checked my insurance quotes and was actually pleasantly surprised, only a few quid dearer than my IS, only thing is I had been quoted on a UK car, imports were about thrice the price!!! Now try and find a decent UK car, I know I couldn't, not a manual, twin turbo anyway all the UK ones are either pimped up real badly, have more miles than a moon buggy or are non turbo automatics!! Hey, I'm still lookin though :D

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the insurance costs are about 700 for an n/a and 780 for tt for me. my lexi costs 400 at the moment. im just toying with ideas as im getting the itch to get something new. Ive kept an eye open for altezza but there arent any nice ones around for sale at the moment, the ones on autotrader look rubbish. I know the supras are older but so was my MR2 and I think i should never have part ex'd her. ooohhh the dilemma

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