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Window Lock Switch Causing Trouble!

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ok first off sorry to join the forum with a problem!

ive had a look in google/ knowledgebase and manual but cant seem to find an answer i need.

i've a 53 reg is200 for last few months and in the last couple weeks the electric windows have become a bit tempramental, then the other day they just wont work now unless i apply a bit of force!

basically iv worked out the window lock switch is the cause of the problem and will only allow me to open/close windows when ive depressed it a few times or with a bit of force to make a click noise. this is obviously not normal!

im thinking its possibly dirty contacts and am tempted to lift the control panel from the car door and spray some contact spray on the switch - BUT i just need to know that i can lift the control panel out with out any problems? if any one can help id really appreciate it.

cheers paul

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problem solved :D

to remove the the whole switch unit you pop it up from near the dashboard end. raise with finger nail then use something like a thin like a flat head screw diver with a thin cloth over it or to pop it up.

then slide forward so the rear bit losens.

if any one has similar problem and wants a full step by step just give me a shout.

cheers paul

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