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Anyone Know Where To Get Cheap Parts From?

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Hi all

I am nearly at the stage of buying my is200 sport! finally!!! That said, I am about to do it two months quicker than I first thought, so its a reet good bonus!

The thing is I will prob end up getting one without the syling kit and the sport grill as they seem difficult to get hold of, well a decent one anyway.

So, does anyone know of anywhere i will be able to get them from on the cheap. Im not trying to be a scrooge but I am looking at a certain spec is200 sport so i need to keep me pennies pretty tight!

Any advice I know will be good advice as usual.

Cheers lads :D

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The sport grill is only £37 ish anyway from Chris.s or dealer.

Also Jamie on here is selling the LE grill pretty sure he's still got it which is nice if you have a browse at that just in case you prefer it.

Getting the body kit on it isnt cheap as it's mainly the spraying and fitting unless you can find one already sprayed.

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Cheers all

Wish I still had all the spraying kit. Used to do that for a living...I say living...pretty much scraped by on the pennies it paid.

Cant imagine finding a body kit available in red really. THink I amy have to save up and get it done later.

As for the grill..£37? thats how much they charge from the dealer?

I will check with chris.s too on that.

I will go take a gander at jamies grill too. He have a pic?

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Yeah thats how much the dealer charges it's not exactly £37 but something round that not above £40.

Chris.s can do it for £50 delivered.

Yeah Jamie has a pic but not sure if it's still for sale you'll have too check with him.

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