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This Must Be Baaad


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lookin at my rear tyres n ones like 2 months old the tread is mint on outside okish in middle but on the inner bit its **** not there its like a slick lol

if u look at the alloys they look like they pointin into the car at an angle i think the camber needs adjusting or its just gonna keep wearing my rear tyres out uneven

any idea how to do this / how much of an angle u can move them


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Is your car as low as it looks in your signature?

I stripped a set bare in 5000 miles when I had the IS dropped quite low, you just can't recover the camber when you're that low, you really need to raise it to a level where the adjusters can be used to compensate for the extra drop, otherwise you're just going to have to accept that you're going to get massively excessive tyre wear :(

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yeah each tyre is level with the arch

what part of the rear suspension decides what angle the wheel is at is it a bar or some thing ?? can i have this cut or exstended to correct the camber then the bolt thing ajusted to fine tune it ?

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Don't think so mate as you'd be putting too much stress on there, think I did read once that someone had extended one of them but can't remember who.

Cusco did a camber adjuster kit but I think that was for the front - not sure if there is a rear kit available but that is what you would need.

I think Mike Morse once approached them about making a rear kit and they were looking into it, not sure what ever happened in regards to that?

My tyres were tucked about an inch in, it was pretty low, didn't help that all my driving was country roads either!

It did handle brilliantly though!

Here it was to give you an idea:


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