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Rear Led Lights

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hi, im thinking of changing my standard rear light clusters to a LED set. either from pro-lex depo units or some others which i have seen that a fully smoked. a few questions tho..

1. has anyone got any that are not made by depo

2. i have heard the depo ones..the bulbs go off often?

3. do u need load resistors for these clusters or is that not needed?

4. do they look good

thanks :)

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I do believe you will need load resistors, otherwise your rear light warning light stays on

in my opinion, the LED rear lights just don't look good...

which dont look good. the pro-lex ones?

anyone else comment on the load resistors? would have thought they would be built in these clusters?

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its just my personal opinion, I dont like the prolex ones, how different are they in appearance to the depo ones?

after a little searching I found this topic already on the forum:

Depo LED lights should work fine, without resistors

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If you are going with those, I would suggest the red ones instead. I just don't like the detailing (spider web look?) within the lense, and the red ones cover it up quite nicely, but you still get the LED effect.

^^Completely agree.

Am thinking of getting a red set myself (need to see more pictures!)

Had some depo ones before but they blew after a few months, however after speaking to dave (prolex) its possible i may have had a 'fake' set, so i might end up getting another set of those 'cos i think they look the best of the lot!!

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I find it so funny that lexus changed every manafacturer in tail light styling when they came out with clear lenses.

And most manafacturers are all changing to clear and what are the Lexus owners doing? there going with coloured haha but its like i have said before i think everyone just likes to make there car different from everyone elses

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