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New To Lexus


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Hi Everyone !

I haven't bought my first Lexus yet but i think I'll be joining the club over the next couple of weeks but could do with some advice first.

I'm driving an E46 320D at the moment and I have to say I have been impressed but the time has come to change and I've always fancied a Lexus.

At the moment I am looking at 3 potential motors - a IS200 SE navigator,manual,black, Y plate, 2001,56k with part lexus history for £8k.A IS200 S Auto,blue, X plate,2001,72k with part lexus history for £5.5k.Or a GS300,i havent seen one yet but seem to be great value for money around the £6k mark for a decent one with history etc.

I realise I wont get the same MPG as the BM but typically if i drive carefully (I do approx 100 miles a day,90% of that is on the motorway) what can I expect from the 3 motors above.

I live in Wolverhampton - so anybody aware of any decent independent garages in the area that can do servicing etc.The navigator is due a service now - any ideas what that might cost.

I am hoping that the money that I save in purchasing the car will more than make up for the fact that I am no longer driving a diesel.

Sorry for so many questions on my first post but would appreciate any feedback :)

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The IS will get around 350-400 miles on a full tank which is about £60. It is a fact that the IS is not the best when it come to mpg but the shear fact that the IS is a brilliant car makes up for it. You'll be getting between 20 and 30 mpg with the mix of town and motorway driving.

Out of the two IS's your looking at i'd go for the manual as i cant stand automatics but thats just me :whistling: . The blue is a very nice colour but then again i am biased as i have a blue one :D

lee_iceman will more than likely be able to help with the garage around wolverhampton as he is from stafford mate.

I cant give much info on the GS as i don't know much about it, there are a few different versions with two different engines 3.0ltr (24 mpg) and 4.3ltr (23 mpg). Obviously the GS is going to be quicker than the IS200 but all depends really on which you prefer looks wise. For any more info on the GS have a look or post on the GS forum mate if you havent already.

Have you considered the IS300??

If theres anything else i can help with i'll do my best mate. All the best in finding what you want and when you do manage to get a new lex make sure you keep everyone posted and get some pics up :D

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if you can see if you can track down a aristo which is the twin turbo gs300. it has the supra twin turbo engine and is a definate smiles generater. :)

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hello and welcome mate

There's a Lexus dealer in wolverhampton on the Bilston road which have got a few is200's in stock might be worth a look and i think they still have a blue 1 at Cannock road motors which if i remember has the full TTE aero pack already fitted which is over your way?

Chris... :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Finally picked up the motor today

Lexus IS 200 SE Navigator - Auto - Blue

Early impressions are good.

But it is due the big 100k service in August - which includes the cambelt - all the previous history is Lexus.Do i go independent or stick with Lexus? Sorry if I've mis posted this in the wrong section.

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Congratulations on the motor mate glad you found the one you wanted.

It depends how much money you've got whether you go to lexus or not. If you can afford to you might as well but it will be pricey.

Dont forget to get some pics up soon :D

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