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Ok so my Lexus is the first nice car I've owned, all my other cars have had a run through the local IMO once a year whether they needed it or not. However I don't want to treat my lexus like that and want to give it a wash and polish either this weekend or next.

So the simple question is this, what the best stuff to use that is not too expensive (no peruvian mountain goat wax or such like), and what do i need soap/wax/sponges etc.

What is the best technique to use to wash and polish the car?

I did a search on the forum but couldn't find a relevant thread, probably cos its such a noobie question for an enthusiasts forum I would imagine.

Please help

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autopia. right got it cheers

Now's the time to buy from the US with the $ worth over £2 for the first time in 17 years. Was going to suggest it's the time to buy a Porter Cable 7424 random orbit polisher from Autotopia but I understand they've got a replacement for it that's about to go on their on-line catalogue...said to be more powerfull, more reliable, less vibration and with a bigger throw than the PC 7424. Going through it's final proving trials before it's marketed, and will be exclusive to Autopia....dammit only had my PC 7424 for a year :angry:

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