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Any ideas? Never happened before! (I was able to cancel it by turning the key in the driver's side as if to unlock.) I did not attempt to investigate by replicating this fault for fear of p***ing off the neighbours.

1990 LS400.

Thanks in advance,



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this can happen on my car too, which is a MK III, different to your 1990.

Normally I lock the car with the key fob, just blip it once.

Then open the car with the key in the door, the alarm sounds off. This is because the alarm is only activated and de-activated by the key fob and now it thinks it is being broken into.

All I do is shut the door, activate and deactivate the alarm with the key fob (2 blip), then all is ok to open the door.

Often it is 'others' who need to get into my car who do this because they dont know what they are doing and assume that the key in the door will be ok.

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