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Sunroof Glass?help!

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Hi all, excuse the time i wrote this, looking after my 4 week old daughter, 'on the night shift'. :o

Right, i am wondering if anyone has a sunroof glass for a 2001 is200 as mine has gone rusty on the frame and looks crappy when i open the roof.

Why it has gone rusty beats me, looks like it was poorly painted when it was made and has got water trapped under the paint and has then corroded, its only on the front corners but would like to get it done.

Lexus want £300 quid for it.

When i picked myself up off the floor with the parts guys wafting the well used 'smelling salts' under my nose to bring me round, I kindly said errr no thanks, unless of cause you take arms and legs for payment.

I have emailed a few breaker all with no reply

I have tried the national breakers search, no reply

I have tried Ebay, no reply or nil stock.

Anyone else got one or knows where I could get one without parting with a large body organ please let me as that would br great!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Regards, a tired Pumatron :yawn:

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