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Food, The Good Bad And The Ugly.


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Hi all,

Ok been burning some rubber bands in the brain department.

Why is it that all the great tasting food is bad for you????

I mean look at the good old english breakfast, bacon, eggs, sausages, fried bread, plum tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms, hash browns all topped off with HP sauce or abit of tommy ketchup, MMmmmmm i can taste it melting in my mouth now.

But hang on is it good for you, NO.

Can I eat it guilt free, NO

Why because boffins say it full of chlorestorol, bad fats, sugars, salt.

Every mouthfull of bacon is a step closer to Death, great.

SO, that got me thinking(more rubber bands), are there any foods that taste great but are NOT bad for you??

Yeah sure i love an apple or a satsuma, all juicy and sweet but does it satisfy the taste buds like my bacon NO, but is it good for me? In the correct quantites YES.

Get to the point they say!!!!!........................... I'm getting there!!!!

So come on give me some foods that taste great but are good for me.

And i don't want all that Dr Gillian McKeith garbage , like a adzuki bean shepherd pie.

I want a treacle sponge pudding with custard or cream with the calories of stick of celery.

So come on scientists, pull your fingers out and stop trying to split the atom for the sake of splitting it, bring me some steak and onion suet pudding with lashings of gravy that ticks all the boxes and makes that Poxy gillian Mckeith happy. :lol:

Regards a full fat Pumatron. :D

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A little bit of what you fancy does you no harm, so I have a full English on a Sunday :D

Bacon Sarnies on Sat :D

Something like this :) mmmmmmm good old buddies open till 7am on brighton seafront good for after clubbing tastes even nicer when a bit drunk :)


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You can have a english breakfast that is good for you, grill the bacon and have an organic sausage (fnarr) grilled as well, have scrambled or poached egg, grilled shrooms, a real tomato rather than tinned. Or if you have to fry use olive oil.

Guilt free English brakfast the Pirate Pete way (well the Mrs Pirate way anyhoo)

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Well, you'd expect that, as I run a Vegetarian Cafe, that I'd come out full of Beans and Nut cutlets? (But that's only your prejudices showing?) I'd guess a lot of my customers aren't veggie, but just realise that I sell great tasting food!

I think eating is down to moderation. Fried food is fine; as long as you don't LIVE on it! Balance is necessary. And exercise.

You eat to make energy. If you don't USE the food, it becomes fat on you!

Also, get a variety of food. Fresh food has vitamins that are often destroyed by cooking, so eat fruit, etc more.

Drink more water to help your body keep going.

If you abuse your system, it'll get you in the end.

And.....if you eat well, you'll FEEL well, you'll exude personality and out!

(Oh, the cafe is Royce Rolls Wholefood in St Nicholas Market, Bristol, oif you're ever about! 27 years and hoping to retire!)

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