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Claybared, Polished And Waxed The Car Today


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Well I set about going over my car today with a Meguiars claybar, then Meguiars Deep Crystal Polish and then Meguiars Deep Crystal Carnauba Wax (the same stuff I did my AW11 last year and that came out great!).

While it's definitely got a better shine than before and I'm sure water will just bead off it's not as shiny as I hoped it would be. Maybe it's because it's a silver car, but the reflections are not sharp, almost blured. Maybe it's got fine orange peal? While there are a couple of places that have got orange peal (it's had some paint in the past) the whole car has 'blury' reflections. You cant see it in the pictures, but I think it's going to need a machine polish:(





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Wow, your standards must be high mate cos that looks impressive! :D

I still ain't got the hang of using that clay bar thing.

Doesn't seem to do owt to mine when i use it. :lol::blush:

I didn't find the claybar took much of mine. The paint must have been pretty clean to start with.

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in all fairness the silver cars never look as impressive as the darker colours when claybar'd,i had my M3 detailed the other day and although the car was smooth at the touch of the finger,it still didnt look as impressive as my cousins maseratti which is navy blue to look at.Your car looks good tho,you defo should have high std'd its a LEX

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Great Job,

Go over it again with Megs Gold top coat it'll make really shine then :)

Yeah I've been talking to a mate who runs a car detailing company. He has recommended a machine polish or failing that using 'Auto Glym Super Resin Polish' as it contains a filler which will fill the swirls rather than polish them out. And then an synthetic wax rather than carnuba wax as it's a silver car.

I also need to sort out the Mazda badges on the wheels :hehe:

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I think that looks really nice ... how much more shiny (and clean) do you want it to be? :)

Yeah thats a good point! I think in a way I was expecting too much. All my previous cars have been darker colours so it really shows when it's been polished. Stupidly I expected more from the silver paint. There is some orange peal etc which I will correct in time though.

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