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Could somebody give me some idea how much my IS200 is worth.

It is a 2000(W) SE with 110k on the clock.

It is of course in lovely condition and the reason I may be selling it is because it does not get used enough by myself or my wife and seems a shame it being sat around not doing much

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Best bet i guess would be to look on autotrader and see what cars are going for that are same model as yours.

If you do decide to sell all the best in finding a buyer but i dont think it'll be too difficult to be honest.

What you getting instead??

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According to WhatCar, you're looking at a p/ex value of £4795 and a private sale of £5195. Why the sale? Your Lexus is depreciating yes, but it's a nice steady slow depreciation, it won't be worth much less next year. You trade in a nice car for a small runaround, you have to pay extra in the first instance and the new car will suffer from rocket-powered depreciation making it an uneconomical choice. Unless you're desperate to rid yourself of the Lexus, can't think why, don't do it. You'll only regret it.

Think very carefully before you go over to the dark side!


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