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Just Done Ls400 Full Service. 18hours To Do.

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Just spent two days doing a Full service to my LS400 19993 model.

List below on what I changed.

Timing belt, Drive belt, Plugs, Leads, Themostat, Distributors, Rotor arms, Fuel filter, oil filter, Pulleys(3), Water pump, Air filter & PCV valve.

One problem not listed was the power steering leak. Found out that the O-ring in the end of the valve on the pump it'self(Circ clip side) was knacked. Changed o-ring for a new one, Job done. I did read the lexs manuals and they state that you have to get a new valve, Why I don't know. The one in it was fine enough and the leak was just caused by the O-Ring having a square edge look to it and not nice curved look. I wonder how many people have had new pumps for this little fault.

The whole process took 18 hours :ohmy: from Sat morning to Sunday evening.

Car fired up first time and purred like a kitten. :lol: :winky: Had an air lock and needed some power steering fluid, Easy fix.

On the test drive I did notice that people have vibration around 50mph(Me too) and people suggest it's the transmisson fliud or engine or gearbox mounts need changing.

Well let just say that I changed both of these and still had the vibration.

But after I changed the plugs and leads I found the number seven plug and lead were shot. So carried out the service and when I went for a 50mph run, There was no vibration through the gears and no missing at idle or at any speeds. She was as smooth as silk on the road speeding up or slowing down. Well happy.

In my opinon try changing the rotor arms, distubutors, leads and plugs if you are getting vibration. To confirm this idle and put your hand on the gear stick, If there's any little crumble or knock carry out these first before looking at the transmission etc. I did these first by mistake myself.

Hope this helps.

Any questions then feel free to ask.

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Well done on such a big job. When my garage is finished, I'll be doing similair for my LS400. Out of interest, where did you get all your parts from? and prices?

A little further down there's a tread for servcing a MKII 1993 model. That will show you the supplier, maker and price.

If you've got time and no rush for two weeks, I would buy all my parts from Ebay US as they are miles cheaper then UK prices.

Look for the service style pack items, That sell two or three items in one go. Example is that a seller does an ingnition service kit which includes the rotors, distr, leads and plugs all for £100 UK pounds.

I didn't find a cheaper water pump than the UK supplied one. That was the only item which was cheaper in the UK than the US.

Hope that helps.

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