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Picture Of Cd Player Mech.

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Picked up my IS200 sport on Friday. lovely car, unfortunately the last owner did not tell me the CD player does not work as it would not load anything (nothing happened when I pressed the load button)

Reading on the forum, I see its a very common problem. (seems a very friendly and helpful forum)

I took the radio out yesterday and spotted some animal had already been in there and snapped disc one's plastic tray and tried to stick it all back together with what looked like wood glue!

I fixed that and at the same time found the a little roller wheel off that should be clicked into another piece so it can sense when the CD is being put in. I then spotted ether end of the CD loading mechanism was not in line, the RHS was further back, I had to lever one of the sliders on one side and get it to jump teeth. I did this untill they were both in the same position and hey presto it fired up the next time round asking for a CD when I pressed the load button. trouble is the mechanism could not suck in the CD and guide it into the correct place.

After many house of watching what was going on on the bench powered by a 12v Battery, the only conclusion I could come to is there was something missing (not put back on from the animal that had it apart last time) as there are nylon block at the top where you put the CD in to help guide it in. I think there also needs to be something like that at the bottom.

I was so close to fixing it and I can't source a replacement unit at the moment.

Please has anyone got an old top loader radio lying around that they could take a photo of so I could confirm what's missing on mine (so I could maybe make something that works) the nylon block guide parts can be seen very clearly seen when the black plastic facia part of the radio is unclipped.

or if anyone has a non working top loader CD player from their Lexus 200 they don't, I'd be happy to buy it off them so I could use the parts to fix mine.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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I have a toploading CD head unit from my 2001 IS200SE (the one with the amplifier).

I also have a set of rear 6x9's removed not 10 minutes ago, along with the Amp

from behind the glovebox (what a pain in the backside to remove ).

My Head unit may or may not be of use to you as it is working fine .

(being replaced by a full Alpine system as we speak)

If anything here is of interest to you then send me a PM.



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i took mine apart trying to mend it at well dint work tho lol altho i did get it making some weird noises at one point which is more then it did before lol

they are compact units, I spent ages trying to figure it all out, would of got it working if bits were not missing!

what did you do with yours after you tried to fix it? is it a top loader one?

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the cd unit is at the bottom

i managed to see how it worked and cleared all the jamed cds out

the cds are stored in a little cd slots (very very thin) that are all compact together but as u turn this huge cog at the top all the slots move with one (current one been used) seams to expand and be level with the cd loader slot not sure how it played them tho never worked that bit out

but its a very very impressive peice of kit jamming a 6cd changer into the space of a normal cd player is impressive well it is to me any way lol

the unit it self i dont no wot happened to it think my dad chucked it all i have left in my bedroom is the tap player part (er yay) and the big face plate

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