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I've Been Very Generous...


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I've been a very nice husband and bought my wife a new car this weekend, got it on Saturday and very pleased. Apols for pic, taken on my phone.

Megane CC 1.6 Dynamique - Cruise, Speed limiter, climate, 17's BUT foolishly didn't spec reverse sensors :o


Now, with hindsight I should have ticked the box so need to rectify this asap.

What options do I have for retrofitting these? I've seen them in Halfrauds for £200 and on ebay from anywhere around £30 and up with all sorts of crazy displays. All I need is a basic 4 sensor set up with beeper and hopefully able to colour code to the bumpers.

Has anyone retrofitted these or got any suggestions? Shame I can't get them to protect the alloys as well :crybaby:



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quannan sensors are good

Agreed, I have these fitted on mine

Cheers guys, will look into it. They look simple enough to fit, any pitfalls I should be wary of?

Don't know how she drives, but what about fitting bull bars ;)

:D :D :D

I might look into that, or even the kind of bumpers you get on a dodgem car! :hehe:

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