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Can You Get Seal Kits For Front Calipers


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New to owning an is200 sport, only had it a few days and got the dreaded seized caliper :crybaby: I've freed off and cleaned up the seized piston and its all works fine, only trouble is I need new seals but can't find any anywhere. Seems a shame to now have to get a reconditioned caliper for £100 just because I can't find seals...

I'm sure you can get them somewhere as I've heard that front calipers are common to other toyota cars, its just finding somebody who knows where to get them from.... The recon caliper people must fit new ones and are getting them from somewhere...

any help would be great.



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ouch, for four rubber seals! is that Lexus costs? think I'd rather get a caliper and save the trouble for that cost. I wonder if for that cost it includes the pistons which I don't need. I'm sure someone out there does just the seals I'm after for not much money. hopefully I can find them somewhere.....

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So where are you getting your calipers from? I am in the same boat, only need one little rubber seal but cant find that anywhere or even caliper for sale. I need a front left, anyone got one for sale or know where I could get one from??

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