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Fuel Consumption

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Hi all,

I've had my IS200 sport (02 plate) since Nov 2006 and have been averageing around 280 - 290 ( ~22mpg)

on one full tank (filling up once orange LED comes on) of normal unleaded, general commuting 20 miles return

trip to work on A roads.

I've recently replace the grille with a sports grille and took the opportunity to reset my ECU. The first full tank

has returned 320 (24.3mpg) - woo hoo!! will monitoror anothe rtank then introduce a K&N air filter.


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best way is to remove the 20Amp/25Amp EFI fuse and the 15Amp ETCS fuse from the fuse box under bonnet, wait 30secs n put back. that way u dont lose radio stn settings etc.

That is the method I used to reset.

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Are they marked 'EFI' and 'ETCS' fuses on the fuse box? if not how do I know which is which (I haven't been in the fuse box yet to be honest). Will it affect the sat nav settings?

scratch that. its on the underside of the panel found a post on the search function showing how to do it. I'll take the Lex to work tomorrow and do it there during lunch.

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