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OK, this might seem a stupid question (or even actually be one), but how many variants are there to a Mk1 GS300 and what are the differences?

As far as im aware there are only 2 UK variants - the GS300 and the GS300 Sport.

Now if you start putting the imports into the equation then you'll have a few more - Aristo Twin Turbo and the 4 litre V8 (very very rare). I think theres one known as the Legato model, but i dont know what the difference is with that.

What year is yours, we'll tell you what you have? And does it have stuff like a spoiler, 18" alloys, meshed grill, sport stickers anywhere etc etc.

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Thanks for the quick response.

Mine has a mesh grille and boot spoiler and is a '93. Not sure if the wheels are original, but right now it has Momos on it.

Momo alloys wernt standard by any measure, they will have been put on as by some owner in the past. Most likely that owner would also have put on the spoiler and the mesh grill from the later Sport model.

As yours is on a 1993 plate it will be a normal GS300. The GS300 Sport started from about 1996 P reg.

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I have a Legatto , one of the very last Mk1's. I believe the Legato was the base model with cloth seats, but several dealers had them recovered in leather and fitted boot spoilers. Mine was done by a dealership in Liverpool, who didn't own a drill because they butchered the inside of the boot lid to fit the spoiler. Took me ages to correct it and fit some rubber bungs over the holes. They forgot to remove or disconnect the brake light in the rear window too, so I have one in the window and one on the spoiler.

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