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Orange Display Car Stereo?


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Just curious if anyone knows of any orange display stereos that match the standard dash lights. I am looking to change the stereo that i have with the car (panasonic) and i was looking at Sony head units which i have always had in previous cars (VW Golf, Bora, Audi A4) but the blue and red display that was perfectly suited to my last cars just wouldn't look well in a car with an orange dash light display. I have considered changing the leds in the dashlights to blue ones but have been told by the supplier that it is impossible to change the leds in the clock and climate control display. I think changing the dash lights and the stereo and leaving the centre console orange would be pointless.. So now i am here looking to see does anyone know of any good quality stereo with preouts and AUX input on the market that have Orange coloured displays that match the existing lighting system..

Hope ya can help.

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I bought a Clarion DXH665 and although the OLED is blue its quite dim and all the button colours can be adjust (using RGB scale), I got a pretty good match to the orange.

Except sometimes when I am alone in the car, at night........I set it to rotate through the colour spectrum psychadelically. wooow

Its was about £240

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