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Pranged Front-wing Options

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dragged the front left wing of my IS200 against one of the trolley-park bars in tescos as i backed out on saturday, and have dug a chunk into it.

kept it spotless for 5 years and now this. not happy with myself!!! :tsktsk:

anyways....enough moaning!....anyone know what my options are with regards to replacing / fixing it?

its probably possibly to beat it out from the inside, but it would never look the same.

dont think i'd accept that as a solution actually.

thinking about getting a replacement wing....but not sure how much it would cost.

worth going to a dealer to get that done do you think?

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Try your local bodyshops. When I had my Celica I managed to run over a crowbar or something which dented the door. I went to the dealership and they pointed me in the direction of the local specialist. Wasn't the cheapest option, but you can't mess around with the car you love! Alternatively, try something like 'chipsaway' or 'dent master' or whatever your local equivalent is. They're like mobile body repair guys. Really good and cheap.

Have you thought of psychopathic revenge on the trollies?! :winky:


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