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Vw Eos


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as a past owner (good days) i value your opinions on the above car

i changed to a c class and regretted it for 2 years

must be honest think the new model IS is not a patch on the old, doesnt turn heads like the old one, just blends in to the backround

i do like the VW as it id different and stands out, and drives great too

any opinions guys

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I personally think the Volvo C70 is the only hardtop convertible that has a rear end that looks normal - going on looks alone that would be my choice............

Eos is nice though, and if you like it go for it :)

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Hi Pacemaker,

B4 we bought the is250, the cars we considered were

bmw 3 series

merc b and new c class

vw eos

volvo c70


we didnt buy

bmw bcoz its too common now days

merc the dealers didnt show any intrest in selling the cars to us (bad customer service). also got a A class which is very costly to run and maintain.

volvo not for me (my wife liked it though)

EOS we both liked it, its a brilliant car (we still love it) because of our son (who is 18 months old) we though 2 doors is not for us.

Is250 we are loving it. its a brilliant car apart from the auto lock and nanny on u r MM.

Do u really think Is250 doesnt turn heads think again...

even people who dont drive/ doesnt know about cars come to me and say what a nice car I got.

i would say buy the EOS if u dont need 4 doors its a great car

buy is250 if u need 4 doors (and memory seats)

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just a follow up

bought an EOS about a month ago now and loving it

drive is great as is finish

it just ticked all the boxes for me at the moment

can live without the extra doors as kids getting older, its normally just me and the misses in it

also room is amazing for this type of car, with roof up can seat 4 easy and plenty of luggage space

went for black with red leather and big wheels so turns plenty of heads, reminds me of when i first had the original IS when there wernt so many on the road

only one gripe is the lack of auto on mine, the waiting list was just too long for that so left foot now getting some use



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