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Got Me An Is300

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Greeting everyone. Finally got my IS300 LE granite sky. The car is simply superb.

Did have an IS200 couple of years ago, but had an arguement with the roadside barrier and I lost. Finally saved up enough for a better one.

Between the two, I'd pick the IS300 any day.

Unforfunately, whilst out shopping, I noticed that the tyre groves were different on the nearside front tyre. I appears that I have a Dunlop tyre in one corner, and Bridestone in three. I was told the car had new tyres all round when I bought it. I know, I should have checked, plain silly.

Then I checked the spare tyre, and it's also a Dunlop, but more worryingly, the shoulder has worn out and would not be legal. If I was unfortunate enough to suffer a puncture, did Lexus expect me to drive on with an illegal tyre?

Not impressed. I called the dealership, Lexus Cardiff, Mr White will check with the workshop on monday, and in the mean time, he better come up with a plan to remedy the situation.

Rant over.

Again, such a cracking car.

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Also, get the tracking and suspension checked and fixed FOC. Sounds like the dealer noticed that one tyre had too much wear and just replaced that without fixing what actually caused the problem in the first place (so if you hadn't checked up on it then you'd end up with another bald tyre).

EDIT: BTW, I had an IS200 and I'm thinking of getting an IS300 - just waiting for a good one to turn up.

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