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My Car

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Been on here a while now, had the car two weeks and now got some pics!!

so it s my official hello to you all!!





and here's the ICE install :D




Definately not an easy car to get ice in.. think i know where im gonna be most weekends!!

thanks for lookin guys..

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Looks good, I like the colour! :D

Whats the square thing under your stereo?

I reckon that's a Parrott 3200 car kit front? What do I win? :D

correct!! its a parrott car kit!

you win errrr..... will think of somethin!!


The shopping goes in whats left of the boot! if it doesnt fit then i dont buy it.. meaning another reason to take a drive n get some more!!

wind deflectors off the club.. pm steve and see if he has any more..

just gotta decide on the whees and if it needs the windows tinted darker..

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