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Torque Steer On A Rwd


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Torque steer is very common on FWD cars when the application of thrust off-sets the drive train thus pulling the car to one side, then off the thrust relaxing the train to neutral as the driver steers.

Torque steer on a RWD is unheard of unless the diff is hanging out so immediate to diagnose. Recently wim has had a RWD with dire torque steer. The Geometry was measured and corrected with no real obvious distress..... The diff was in place and no play evident in the steering or bushings.

After the owners feed back was that the problem still existed. Although one comment bugged me. Initially when driving the car is fine, then after a few miles the torque steer cuts in.

Then the reason hit home.... The car has a binding rear caliper. The initial part of the journey is fine, as the disc heats up the bind becomes intense and acts on one rear wheel pulling the car.

Obviously we do a preliminary checks on the cars condition prior to calibration but there is no need to check the brakes... Until now.

Hope this helps.

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