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Quick Update

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A couple of pictures showing how its sitting at present.

Let me know what you all think, honestly lol...

Only other bits and pieces in my head are to get the rear number plate surround back on and some sort of plain black rubber splitter on the front.






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Hey matey,

That looks amazing - really slick, seriously. Styling wise - leave it, I think you've got the mix just right tbh. Sitting at a really nice height there as well - how low is that?

Glad to see that the spoiler arrived in the end mate - looks really good in my opinion :)

Impressive work mate, just sit back, relax and enjoy the shows :D


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The car is looking great - loving the spoiler!

Those wheels definitely do look best on the plat ice cars, they just offset the colour perfectly :)

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Headlights & foglights were a custom job by myself.

Tail lights I bought, they are from the later is200's. I love the dark against silver theme, real nice contrast.

@ Maz786, ya wouldn't need to copy, im sure you could do a nicer job yourself!

I did all this on a VERY tight budget with being a student, if I had a good paying job it would be much nicer with split width works, turbo kit etc etc...

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