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Dam Speeed Bumps Lol


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yeah hehe

light output errr dunno thinks its 2 somin when 6k HID is 3 and normal lamp is 1 mine is 12k high as u can go i think alot of ppl say 12k is to dim but these r **** bright loads brighter den any of friends standard headlights

get pulled every week lol first names terms with most cops round my area

mostly cos of the colour of them lights but i also look about 15 n look like iv nicked the car lol

there cant be a law on HID coz all they do is ask me to remove them never give me a defect form or "force" me to remove

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no scrapes coz i went daaam slow LOL

not sure how low its on coilovers just slammed it LOL need to get rear camber done as rear tyres r wearing very uneven due to them been at a angle inwards now

the rear is bit lower then it should be seeing one of the rear coilovers ****** out ALL its fluid so has NO dampening wich is err interesting lol need to sort tht asap realy

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