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Thought I was going to have to spend on the celsior again,over the last few weeks I,d noticed the back end getting skittery on bumpy corners,and unless Ive got it wrong I thought it was perhaps the roll bar bushes ( right or wrong ??) even got so far as checking out the options on the famous auction site,then discovered that all the bolts on the n/side rear wheel were loose,I know its a bit slack (pun intended) but I never checked the most obvious thing,then things clicked,I,d had my summer wheels fitted 3 weeks ago and one wheel cant have been tightened correctly,how only one was missed I,ve no idea but i dread what the expense would have been if I'd have lost the wheel, and luckily no damage was caused to the stud holes.

Pretty damn lucky I reckon. think it will be the trolley jack next time . DOH. :duh:

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Very lucky indeed. So much for KF's SOP (standard operational procedure) for torquing the wheels correctly?

Who put the tyre on??? Some 16 year old know it all. I hate them, I have one working in my garage. You've got to check everything they do.

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Was it a time served 'tyre engineer'.....

I hate that, I spent over 10 years in college and uni full/part time to become an engineer, not 1/2 hour with some bloke showing you how to use a tyre machine and an air wrench.

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I use the original wheel and tyre combination in winter as the finish has gone to the dogs,so have a set of chromes with tyres that I normally switch myself,but owing to a busy w/end and a bolt through the side-wall in the old set I went to them with the others in the car and had them change them,nipped to the bank while they fitted them and then off on a two hundred mile trip,noticed it over the next few weeks and as said,I thought it was a roll-bar bushing job,feel really stupid now though for not checking the most obvious thing,one good thing though,I'll have the bushes when their required, Cheers. Ian.

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A few years ago I had a Citreon XM and the exhaust was knocking somewhere so I called at my local KF and popped down the road whilst they "had a look".

Called back to "it's sorted" "great how much do I owe you?" " no that's ok" " Oh cheers,have a drink on me"

A few miles later and no rattle but a strange smell of burning rubber!

Had a look underneath and they had forced an old exhaust mounting rubber between the top of the centre pipe and the floorpan!

Never been near them since " You can't get better than a kwik Sh*t fitter"

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