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Hi All, New Lexus Owner

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Alright there every one.

Got my lexus a couple of months ago (is200 s on a xreg with 80000 miles with full Lexus service history) and was really happy when i picked it up, but within a week i noticed a few problems. Luckely being a vehicle technician and quiet friendly with the head mechanic at lexus Bolton (Neil), I'm getting through the problems. First Job i did was the timing belt and tensioner, which was a good thing because there was a chunk missing out of it, also found the water pump was leaking and the by pass hose was leaking which is situated above the water pump, I replaced them, flushed the water system and renewed the anti freeze, every thing was fine untill i checked my water level a few days later, it lost a litre!, topped it up and it lost anothere litre a few days later, I gave it a good check and a found the radiator was leaking, so replaced the radiator and now its seems to be good.

Now we've got this warm weather i decided to use the air con, to my shock, it wasn't working, checked it and found the aircon rad was shot, so i've replaced that this week and that seems to be working fine now. Oh yeh one last thing the cd player stopped working, but luckely the guy we use at the garage i work for has repaired a few of these cd players, so he has it for repair, so no stereo for a couple of weeks!!!!.

But after all this i absolutly love the car, very quiet, very smooth and alot quicker then my old car, i use drive a Merc C class 1.8 very boring and slow!!!!.

I will post some pics of my pride a joy soon.

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Guest inicol63

Hi and a big welcome to LOC.

Glad to here that your happy with your new car, it is shame that there were a few problems, but seems that you have them covered now.

So keep on enjoying your vehicle and ask question on this site as there are many experts to guide you in the right direction if you need advice....

May be with your contacts in Lexus you can offer help to others.

Happy motoring Ian

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Welcome yonder local member :D

Happy to hear you're chuffed with the new car despite the few issues you've had - hopefully with these now sorted all will be well. Get some pics up of your car.

Shame you missed our North West meet at the Reebok on Sunday..... don't worry though, there will be another :)

Welcome to the LOC,


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Welcome to LOC :D

Sounds like you've gone through all the common things so hopefully shouldn't me much to go wrong once that lots all sorted :)

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Welcome Mate and i too am sorry you have all these problems in such a short time of having the car but at least you have peace of mind by knowing these are all done now and i hope it has not put you off which is a great car and wish you all the best in future motoring

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Thanks to you all, seems like a really nice community here.

Should be able to enjoy some good motoring now. It is a shame that i missed the Bolton Meet on sunday, it was only round the corner from me. Look forward to meeting up with all soon.


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