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Dont know if this has already been suggested but just wondered if we could maybe have an LOC calendar with members cars.

Sure there'd be plenty of people willing to let there cars picture taken.

Sorry if it's already been mentioned or discussed.

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Anyone think we should try again or not worth it?

a lot of other clubs do them and they are generally succesfull

only problem i see is the fact we are in may :o

could do a 2007/2008 i suppose

if you want to try and organise it feel free :)

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2007/8 it would be.

I know naff all about calendars :duh: So wouldnt know where to start but if anyone's got any ides of how to do it then would be hugely appreciated or if anyone has the ability to put one together.

Then either put pictures of cars from meets in the calendar as this may help get some support for the meets or get people to send pictures of their cars that they think would go well in the calendar. B)

Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome and then we can see what we can do!

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