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Problem With 99 Reg Is200 Factory Fit Stereo - Help

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Need to some help please, i have a V reg IS200

I have a factory fir stereo with 6 CD canger built into head unit, i think the CD's have jammed, there is a message that appears saying 'ERR3', could anybody tell me what this means, also none of the CD's will load, play or eject

Any help will be greatly appreciated


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Sorry to give you bad news :D sound like its fooooked mate :o common problem

Ok, thanks for your reply, if anyone else may have some good news, would be greatly appreciated :)

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The good news is you can pick up a replacement up on Ebay.

The bad news is their around £200, and about the same to repair. And it'll probaly break again anyway.

The reasonable news is if you look here:


You can get a lead to make it easier to fit an aftermarket headunit.

Hope this is helpful.


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Some have tried resetting the units, by taking power off then back on, some have hit the side of the unit....(shock Therapy).

The pre 2000 cars had the unit with the CD player to the bottom, and they seem to fair the worst for this problem.

You can try looking around ebay, and keep your fingers crossed. But be careful about buying a later unit withthe CD at the top as you may find compatibility problems.

A search on LOC for ERR 3 might be of more help.

Good Luck


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Had same prob with my 99 about a week after I got it, basically its F :tsktsk: ed, I bought a Sony head unit, from Argos, got a facia plate from e-bay£15, and amp by-pass lead from e-bay I paid £60 but there now going for 30 odd, bit of a T :tsktsk: T to fit but work fine, if you have your music at earbleeding level though you will have to change speakers. May seem a ball ache but I think better than buying another Lexus one for £200 odd and it knackering up again.

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