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Starting Problems


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Hi Guys

I have a GS300 Oct 2000 model, Purchased in Dec 06. It's been perfect up to mid April 07. The problem I am having is that if the car is left overnight and I come to switch it on in the morning, once the key is turned to the "START" position, absolutely nothing happens. It's as if the Battery is completey dead but the dash board and stereo come on. I take out the key and try again and it starts just fine and will be fine for the whole day. Has been happening every day for last 2 weeks. Today 1/5/07 happened twice. I have changed the Battery for a new one (the correct one as advised by a Lexus Technician) but that has had no effect.

Anyone have any idea's to why it is doing this?


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Thanks guys for your suggestion, I shall try what's mentioned. Needless to say Lexus Twickenham wasn't very helpful unless I coughed up the £123 investigation fee first!

I do believe I have posted this in the wrong section! I might re-post!

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It was starter motor.

Jemca in NW London had it for the whole day, had no idea and totally diagosed it wrong. Took it into Lexus Twickenham, they also diagnosed it wrong saying the boot light switch was bent causing the light to stay on all the time causes the "NEW" heavy duty Battery I fitted to go flat. Car didn't start when I went to pick it up, they kept it for another day and finally said it's the starter motor. That has been replaced and the car is as sweet as honey once again!

Thanks for all your input.

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