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New Double Din Stereo

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As you may have read in my previous thread i have had problems with my standard stereo, as i have been thinking about it for a wile, i have decided to go for a double din fitment screen.

Can anyone tell me whether it is a straight swap for the head units or will i need some kind of leads etc, i know that i will need a fascia plate for it to fit.

Any advice on how to remove original stereo would be gratfully received


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send me a PM with an email address (and a number if u want me to call u) and I will

send u lots of info u will need, pictures and instructions for removal, plus options for

facias that will take a double din Headunit.

I bought an Autoleads Facia, which can be adapted to Single din with cubbyhole,

2 single din, or a 1x Double din unit. The only problem I found with this kit is that

the front surface doesn't match the IS200 interior dash panel. The surface is too glossy,

and also bobbly too. I remidied this with some wet + dry, plastic primer, and satin black

paint from Halfords.


Look HERE and HERE to see my install completed last week.

You will be able to use the same technique on the Autoleads Facia Kit to get similar results.

HERE is a picture of an AUTOLEADS kit assembled with a double Din fitted unit. Notice the

sandpaper texture of the surround. It is also too glossy for the dash.

There is another option, Toyota do a factory option part for the Altezza that is double din,

but think u lose the heated seats or traction control slots.

Autoleads Facia FP-25-00 (£20 from Halfords or Ebay £20 inc postage)

Toyota ORIG TRIM 55413-53010 (about £45)

I have lots of info u will find helpfull, planned my install for about 8 weeks till I

was sure I knew all I needed to. This may sound like overkill, but I have a 2 amp

system with sub and full Alpine speakers /head unit combo fitted, and all went smoothly

because I knew where everything was going to unbolt & go etc...

hope this helps


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