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Thanks Peter. Never seen those before - perfect for post beach and hot weather when I'm driving abroad. I'm in Britain most of the time, so, also, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for wet weather covers? TIA, Steve

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TBH, I think if you have leather seats then you already have good wet weather covers! OK those leather 'covers' will need a little routine attention. A regular wipe down with wool detergent in warm water will see them clean. Or if you prefer, Lexus do a good leather care kit that really cleans and protects the leather.

A you say, the towelling covers are great for hot weather and protecting against sun cream and moisturiser. My good lady seems to bathe in the stuff ....

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Thanks again, Peter. I didn't explain myself well, before. I was thinking more in terms of a cover that would protect the leather from further wear, and, for me, building site mud, rather than water per se. I would hope to be able to remove the cover fairly easily for the odd occasion when I'm not in my work scruffs...or just scruffy 🙂 You have made me think, though, that it would also be a good idea to additionally try Lexus's leather protection - cheers, Steve

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