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Common Problems On Gs300, 1999 - I Am Thinking Of Buying One.

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Hi Everyone

I'm new to all this, and never had an executive car before.

Am thinking of buying a Lexus GS300, about 1998, 1999 (is that the mk II ?). Have a limited budget.

Are there any common problems with these cars?

What are the things to look out for?

What's the fuel economy like, in town and on motorway?

What about LPG option. I have heard it can cause problems.

Are the parts expensive?

DO the engines use oil?

Do the automatic gearboxes go on these?

Does it cost much to run?

Any info/help/experience would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, welcome to LOC

Yes a 1998+ is a mk II (series II)

look here for common issues:;id=16&c=3

Lower front ball joints are a common wear point.

Economy around 23mpg town, 30 on motorway.

LPG is an option, you need to have a flashlube otherwise you will get valve damage.

Service parts are not expensive, other parts can be expensive and there aren't too much 3 party replacement parts available.

Engines do not use oil.

Auto boxes do not fail, should get 200,000 miles+ easily

Running costs are really just servicing, tyres and maybe ball joints every 4 years.

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