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New Car, New Member!

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Just got my W-reg, IS200 SE on Monday, and I wanted to say thank you for providing some great advice on here. I've been lurking here since I made my mind up to get one about 6 weeks ago and you have provided some seriously good advice, to the point where I knocked the dealer down a good few hundred quid - so thanks for that! She's a beauty, 84k, FSH and SO much quieter than my old Golf TDi.

I've got some of the normal problems, an ERR3 stereo, corroded alloys etc but here is one that had me flapping at little bit which I was hoping you could put my mind to rest (or forewarn me of a spend coming).

The Battery indicator is running at around 11-13v, which the owners manual suggests could be a problem (I was sad enough to read the whole thing as soon as I got home!). I know normal for cars is about 12v (lord knows, I've given myself enough belts fitting stereos to be intimate with 12v!), but purely as the manual is saying it's a problem, I thought I would run it past you learned folks.

Should I be worrying?

Whilst I have your attention, I am going to be fitting an aftermarket head unit. I've bought the £20ish fascia plate, but would it be saving me some serious rewiring effort to get the loom as well? In the fullness of time I will be fitting my amps etc from my old car and replacing the speakers (I'm a bit of an ICE geek), but in the short term would the loom be a quick fix? Will it be easy enough to 'link-out' the speaker wires from the head unit/loom once I get round to upgrading the speakers?

Sorry to hit you all with a bunch of questions as a first post, thanks again for your help so far! :)

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Alright mate

CONGRATS on your new car, should be very happy with it.

Wouldn't worry about the voltage reading, mines about the same and i've done about 3000 miles since i brought it and she's never gone flat. I connected a volt meter to the Battery to see what voltage the alternator was charging and it showed more then the gauge in the car, I don't think the gauge is very accurate really. So you should be alright

Where about in Milton Keynes are you, I use to live there


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Blooming hell, that was quick! :)

I thought 12v ish was about right, but I thought it would be an idea to check. Thanks for the quick replies!

I've moved* since I set up the account, although I was living near the golf course in Bletchley, small world eh? I'm in Loughborough now, although its only a quick burn to MK so if you guys have a meet, I'll try to pop down to see you. Any excuse to drive her at the moment, to be honest :)

Any idea's on the wiring loom?

*Yes, it's been a busy couple of months!

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Welcome to the LOC and congratulations on the motor.

Get some pics up as soon as you can.

Loughborough isnt too far from me and we'll hopefully be having another East midlands meet soon so you'll have to pop along and say hello :D

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I think my Battery sat around the same level - if you get trouble turning her over when it's cold then you know it's about time to replace the Battery!

Welcome to LOC anyway, hope you enjoy the car mate :)

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Made my mind up and got the loom.. I'm too busy to go the big install on the thing for the next month or so anyway, and the radio-only stereo is doing my head in :)

I mean, does anyone actually use tape anymore? I spent about an hour raiding the loft looking for some and failed miserably :)

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