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New Lexus Is200 Owner

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Hi, I have just purchased a 2001 'Y' IS200 S. Fantastic car and I really enjoy driving it. I p/x my 1989 Range Rover in so it was quite a change! I was surprised by the insurance as I am 19!

Anyway, I would like some advice.

The CD player will not eject the 1 disk the former owner left in there. I have since put in another disk and it still only shows 1 disk on the display, and again will not eject. How to these stereo's come out so I can take it apart and have a look?

The speedo seems like it is 10mph out. Any way to cure this (it had a speedo change at 70,000miles)

Other than that I have had no problems.

Your help will be appreciated.

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hi,welcome to loc. :) think most people just replace the oem head unit with an after market unit as the oem units are f :tsktsk: d,but if you can its worth having a go at fixing it.

as for the speedo :question::question::unsure:

where in wiltshire are you :question:

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Welcome to LOC.

The stereo's are probe to braking best doing a search in the audio section theres plenty of posts on how to replace them with an aftermarket stereo.

As for the Speedo there only about ten mph out at around 100. But they are around 10% high as standard. Just the way there built.

Anyway enjoy the car mate.


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Thats the way that cars are built. Its almost impossible to make them 100% accurate (cause things are always changing such as road, wind, tyre depth etc etc) so according to the Law they are allowed to be a maximum of 10% out and it has to be 10% to fast not slow.

Only way to tell your real speed is get a Sat Nav out and look at that but as a rule you can normally sit at 75 according to speedo and youll be doing under 70 in real time.

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Welcome to the LOC mate :D

Don't forget to get some pictures up!!

Any mod's planned? look forward to seeing you at some of the meets we have.

Just out of interest what insurance company are you with?

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Hi, thanks for the replies.

My speedo is around 10mph out all the time. 30mph reads 40mph, 70mph reads 80mph etc.

I would like to get the original head working as I like the way it is in the dash (blends in with everything around it)

I don't have any modifications planned, as I like the car just the way it is! I will post some photo's soon.

I am located near Stonehenge.



(p.s. I am insured with Tesco)

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Beware of Tesco motor insurance, i was involved in a 10 car pile up on the motorway in 2005 (not my fault and was in the middle) Ive only justed finished sorting out the claim with them, over 2 years later. Cheap but poor service.

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Apologies for not being on here for a LONG time!

I am still enjoying my car. In reply to the post regarding the price in the windscreen: I bought the car for £5995, with £500 knocked off for a p/x. There is no way I would have paid more than £6800 for it.

I have only had 1 problem with it.... well not a problem, just that I lost the radiator cap! Got a new one from the local motor factors for £10.

I have painted the callipers red, with white lexus decals. I would like to get the small dent repaired on the wing as well.

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