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I'm Glad That's Over With!

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Well, first semester of University almost complete - just got the exams over the next two weeks to complete.

I work full time in IT and I have also crammed in a 4 year university course in website design and production.

The last semester has been hectic and very demanding, requiring me to get to grips with PHP scripting (from scratch), ActionScript and more besides.

In the last hour, I've presented my final "blogging system" - again from ground up and just handed in two assignments - I was up until the early hours this morning trying to get things finished and finally completed them yay :D

It will all pay off in the end, but I am chuffed with how much I have learned and what I can do after the first year.

Anyway, I've finished Uni now so I'm going back to work! Argh ;)

All the best,


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Congratulations mate, had to teach myself a bit of PHP recently, it's quite good stuff :D

I never really got into the blogging thing, it's like fads for me, one minute I'll be addicted the next I've lost interest!

How much longer have you got to go til you finish uni then?

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Cheers lads.....

Aido, I didn't volunteer for the blogging lark, t'was the subject of the module, however, it has definately given me a good insight into PHP scripting and SSI - as well as integrating SQL queries etc.

Got another 3 ish years to go yet, but not to worry lol :D

I have managed to get funded through work, but the demands are incredible. Sadly, I'm being made to work the hours to make up for the time I'm at uni. So now work over 40-odd hours :(


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LOL that's easy mate, wait til you sign yourself out of the working time directive and you're doing 110 hours a week - ah I miss the overtime :D

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