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Wish Me Luck


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Well the day is almost here,

tomorrow i will be getting married at 3pm

Am absolutely crapping my self

Going on our honeymoon on Monday, so see you all in a couple of weeks time :)


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Hey fantastic stuff mate :D

All the best for you both, hope the day goes well and you do realise you have to stick a pic up of you both as we've never seen you in a suit :)

Congratulations, I'll buy you a beer at Cheltenham next if I don't se eyou before :D

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Congratulations mate and good luck to you both on the day and for the future.

By 7pm tomorrow you will be wondering what all the fuss and worry was about and looking forward to the Honeymoon and the future :D

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congratulations Paul :D :D

have a wonderful day,

and dont worry about tomorrow .............its the rest of your life you need to worry about :lol::lol::lol:

pics are a must :D

dont forget to give the vicar a nice bellowing burp !

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What a day!!! Phew......registry and the party went WICKED and im sure they both will remember for a long time coming :lol: :winky:

Well here are some of the pixies:

The night before the ball and chains :lol:


The happy couple just before the registry


Happy couple and the best of pals


Paul and his family and friends after the registry


The chauffeur (no comments :blush: ) - it was a pleasure to drive the S Class :whistling:

Anyone notice where Mr and Mrs will be sleeping from now on!?!?


Not now hunny....let me hide it...people are still here :whistling::lol: :winky:


The actual party


Pauls' showing how it's exactly done :lol:


Hello gals....


That's it lurve...right there




Final farewell........


Well they both of to the Maldives tomorrow for their honeymoon! I'm sure he'll post more pixies....

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