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Mortised Screen Has A Funny Lead Called Back

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Mortised Screen has a funny lead called BACK what does this mean please?

I have wired up the Screen off the Wiring Harness (ebay Lead using splitters crimps etc..) and connected to the Kenwood player (DVD etc..) Kenny + Screen Working fine on their own but no picture from the HU. :crybaby::crybaby: . The TV function picks up all the channels fine. :hehe:

The leads coming from the Screens are:

Battery (red), IG Live (yellow), Ground (black) and Back (light blue) :question: What is BACK lead please :huh: ? Was not sure so did not wire up to anything, no power coming from it so dead. Possibly for the Reversing Camera (the screen has 2 AV inputs.)?

Sorry no instruction with the screen hence the dilemma..

Any ideas guys please, and yes I have connected the Video leads up…Has always your help is appreciated.


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I think it might be a safety function that stops people watching the screen while driving....

If i'm right it should be wired to the parking brake.... :)

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yeah mine done the same when i wired it up.

Cheers Guys fo rthe tip i would i never thought of the Parking/Handbreak :duh:

so where do you wire it up?/ :question: No idea, handbreak ??

I do not mind messinground a bit bu i have no idea where to connect this wire too, i have tried to earth it but no diff..

Cheers in advance..

Dibslpg.. :D

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I asked the same question about a HU on ebay, and was told by the sellers that its for a reversing camera

Cheers for the Tips guys, I will try the earthing it first (play it safe) and if that does not work then i will try the live connection :tomato:

Cheers will post a pic soon and the results of my conncections....


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