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Well decided to have a bit of fun, Discovery 2001 getting a bit boring but its a diesel and practical, seven seats and all that

Saw Celsior (LS 400) advertised locally, 1994, imported Ocober 2005, very good condition, only 98,000km ( i hope)

all the discs and pads just changed a few weeks ago, runs very sweetly. been playing with it today, and what a pleasant surprise, for a big old barge it ceratainly shifts, and handles well. Seems to have all the toys, air suspension etc, and the only problems are memory seat setting not working, need to add fm expander to radio ( and the quality of the unit is fabulous apart from just radio 2 at the moment!) and need a cd cartridge. so if any of you know where to get these two items let me know. one final point red button ( in japanese) on gear shift console above suspension settings, what is it?


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If it's anything like mine the big red button basically enables service mode, in mine all it does is allow you to change the gear with the ignition off or if you haven't got your foot on the brake - just hold the red button and shift.....

Welcome to LOC though, you've definitely got yourself a nice car there :)

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Welcome to LOC :D

As Aido said the little red button releases the interlock to let you to shift out of park with the engine off.

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hiya mate

button is as previously advised,and ive pm,d you about a cd caddy, ive got a couple for the boot mounted pioneer system, just tap in fm expander in the famous auction site ,there's loads, but unless you know something I dont,you still only get radio two but it's at least spot on !!

get some pictures posted soon.


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