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Double Din Hu

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am thinking of buying a double din hu for my is200 sport and am wondering if theres any limit to what size screen you can have as iv seen em advertized and there is 6.5in screens and 7in screen avaliable?

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i gotta get a amp bypass lead and i looked on the amp to make sure the number matched and mine doesnt match to the number supplied on the add its all the same but mine ends in 40 not 30? and how do you get the plug of the back of the amp of even to ge the amp ou the dashboard me and my friend tried for about an hour and had no luck

any ideas

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I removed the amp from behind the glovebox.

It's a fiddly knuckle grazing job, but shouldnt take

more than 1 hour or so of jiggling. Remove the glovebox

by pushing the locating pins at the bottom towards the

centre and once you undo the glovebox lock it should

just drop away.

To remove the Amplifier behind the Glovebox or unbolt to help change the lead over.

If u undo the 2 bolts holding the amp in place and cut

the 2 cable ties securing the wiring loom to the amp, it gives

u a bit more freedom.

Have you unbolted the amp from the frame holding it in place?

If you unbolt, with a bit of gentle force and movement you can

just about get it away from the frame slightly and move it out

towards you, then I took off the plastic door trim piece (just pops off)

and then you can pull away the plastic side piece below the glove

box to give yourself another way of getting your hand to the plug.

There is a bit of the lug u need to push in to remove the cable from the ampo.

Thats how I did it anyway.

Hope this helps, for the wiring u need to talk to Fargo


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Head unit was replaced, & so were the speakers

Front + Rear. I took out the Amp as extra weight

and didnt want it sitting there draining the voltage.

Don't know if it would drain voltage, but wasn't too

much hassle to remove it. All my speakers are

powered by Amps in the boot, via 3 HQ RCA leads

so didnt need standard connector, so all I needed

was Power, Ignition, Earth + Aerial cable.

Doddle !!

I also Sanded and Painted the Double DIN housing

so it matched the dash better ......


The Autoleads housing (same as ebay ones) that can

be modded to take Double DIN or Single DIN comes

with a rough bobbly finish thats also too glossy.

Here is an UN-Modded kit for single DIN.


The bottom section with the silver and black boxes will

not be there on yours as it will be filled with the Double DIN

Head Unit. Look at the finish ..

Will the finish be ok for you ? I'd suggest you get

a kit and compare it first leaving enough time to mod

it if if you want to.

Autoleads Fascia FP-25-00 is the number you will need.

Have a look at my post, any comments welcome.

Any other info send me a PM.


Good luck

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medium then fine grade wet + dry,

Halfords Plastic Primer (spray can)

very fine (1200) wet + dry with water

Halfords Satin Black (spray can) 2-3 coats

2 hours between coats.

et voila !!!

Well worth the effort.

Give it 3-4 days drying time to harden before you install

the finshed Facia or u will get fingermarks in the paint .

( I found this out whilst admiring my work)

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