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Supargarded Is 250


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New on here - just recently got my 3rd Lexus - IS250SE-L auto - Cadoxton Slate, Oakham Leather.

What's best way to keep (and enhance) the paintwork and shine on my Supargard bodywork.

Thanks for advice.

Been interesting reading so far.



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Hi Ian welcome to the club. Just changed from IS200 to IS250 Sport with Superguard myself. Also have o lot of Autoglym products and some Maguires. Last car was Diamonbrited so dont know which to use. Car seems to have a greasy covering on it at the moment. Tried the Superguard stufff today but not impressed so may go back to the Diamondbright cleaner and enhancer.

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Hi Jamboo

So if I wash with Superguard shampoo - or Meguiars Gold Class etc - is it safe to use PS21 Carnauba Wax or Meguiars NXT paste to give extra protection and shine?



Couldn't comment on Maquires (never really used the stuff), but P21s Carnauba wax is pure squirrel loving non-abrasive "beeswax" type stuff - couldn't hurt a fly. Smells lovely - just don't eat the stuff... :whistling: I'm sure it's not edible

It's not that hard wearing - so you need to allow 24 hours to sufficiently harden after buffing - ideally with 2-3 coats (24 hours apart if you have a dry garage...)

As a rule of thumb, the harder something is to buff off, the longer the protection will last - P21s is like lard, just spreads and spreads, never really hazes completely, but leaves a fantastic deep glossy shine. It says on the blurb that you can buff immedaitely, but I like to leave it 30 minutes...Water just bounces off...

Use some new clean really will be amazed!!

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Thanks for all that - got some PS21 on order from Autopia - will be next weekend before I get time to even look at the tin!!

Will be taking your advice about 24hrs between coats - and always garage my lovely lexus!!

Will let you know when I get it done - thanks again


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