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Much Needed Help

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hey guys,

recently purchased an is200 2001 automatic last november. Now it needed to be serviced asap after getting a high quote from lexus themselves i decided to go for the cheaper option and had it serviced at my local toyota dealership.

With deep regret I should never have done this and I apologise, after coming back from a 6 month trip I took the car out for the first time since it was serviced I have noticed that when im driving sometimes at a constant speed of 50-80mph, the steering whel begins to shake excessively and then further down the line so does the transmission, after say 5-6 minutes of this a noise which sound similar to flapping appears from under the bonnet. This then fades away and normality resumes.

Last week I took the car down tothe local town tyres to get the wheels balanced but the problem is still happening, also after a short drive last night i stopped the car and checked the brakes, the brakes on the drivers side were scorching hot and the others remained fine.

I would very much appreciate any answers or responses that could help rectify the problem.

thanks very much

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brake caliper is prob siezed causing the brake disc to have warped badly enought to contact the brake caliper and thus cause the vibration.

why the regret of having it serviced at a toyota dealer - thats where a lot of lexus get serviced anyway! if u have as stated left the car standing for 6 months you may also have flat spots on the tyres

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thanks for the reply,

I just figured that going for the cheaper option, ended up with the car coming back with more faults than it had before it was taken in to be serviced.

At this point to get the problems rectified is it worth taking the car to lexus themselves or just your local garage?

Ill be honest the car is my pride and joy and sure it costs me an arm and a leg to run but I would never part with it thats why it kills me that I have this problem.

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