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Had a letter from Sky offering their HD box for £149 including installation. This is £210 cheaper than their normal price so has got me really intested. I was wondering what people who have had Sky HD for a while think of it. Does the extra £10 a month seem worthwhile for better pictures? Or do you get used to it an wish you had not bothered once the novelty wears off? I hate giving any extra money to Sky as they are such grabbing bees unless my viewing pleasure increases.

Thanks for any helpfull input.

Oldcro :geek:

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Total waste of money, it doesn't take long for your brain to adjust, and before long unless you don't see anything special.

We tried it for a while, and then reverted to good old normal broadcast, just ain't worth the extra with the measly offering. Go to the states and many many more channels...

It's like tyhe MLS in the new Lexus's. They sound phenomenal to start with, but then when you get used to it it's just a stereo!!

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Thanks everyone for the replies. I think I'll wait until all programmes are broadcast in HD as standard. I was in some doubt as my picture is very good at present, so a slightly better picture does not warrant the extra £10 a month according to you who have tried HD.

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