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Replacement Shocks


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My 98 LS is feeling very floaty at the front on the motorway.

I have had the car checked at the Lexus dealer and have been told that as there are no leaks they are OK.

The car has done 75000 miles, so even allowing for Lexus build quality there must be some wear in the shocks by now.

Now the question.

Should I go with standard shocks from the Lexus dealer or fit aftermarket shocks from the likes of bilstein, Monroe or KYB. I know that the standard shock are manufactured by KYB but I believe that the aftermarket GR2 shocks are much firmer than standard.

Has anyone tried non standard shocks or should I just remortgage the house for the main dealer ones?

thanks in advance

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Are you sure you need new dampers? They work by having oil or gas pass back and forth through a valve, so it's not really a case of them wearing as such. If you press down on a wing and release it and the car goes back to normal in one movement without bouncing, then they're working okay.

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I would look into other things first, my dad's is in it's originals at 161,000 miles and they still seem pretty good, although his has been a motorway cruiser with lots of miles, at 75k yours will probably have been pottered a bit more.

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Hi wacko

I found my mk1 LS was floaty on the motorway and found it worse when there was some weight in the boot.

My car hadnt long gone through a MOT so there couldnt have really been anything wrong with it.

If the MOT on your cars not far away id hang on and ask the MOT guy to have a good look at the springs/shocks.

Tein do uprated shocks/shocks and have a comfort spec one.You might find there cheaper than the main dealer springs/shocks.

Tein UK 08706066543

They should be able to answer all your questions about how the car rides on there springs.

Hope thats of some help.


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